Dealing with skin problems is stressful. We need facial treatments for acne, sunspots, scars, wrinkles, and discoloration. Recently there have been several non-surgical treatments that can be done to achieve healthier and more beautiful skin. Facial treatments are widely used and available in the market nowadays. This treatment helps improve skin appearance, treat different skin conditions, and improve skin health. Facials and spas have benefits for your skin. Facial treatments strengthen your skin’s overall health and appearance n.


Many thought that facials were just for the skincare industry’s cash grab. But this is not the main reason why the skincare industry wanted people to undergo facial treatments. A regular skincare routine is not enough to keep your skin healthy. River District Aesthetics are expert in treating your skin problems. We have the best kind of treatment that will surely help you keep your skin looking young and healthy. Our skin treatments can treat various conditions, both cosmetic and medical. 


What is the most popular facial treatment?


Below is the most common facial treatment in the market. Facials and spas have been widely used to keep your skin healthy.  These treatments are minimally invasive and are often for medical and cosmetic purposes. 


  • Micropigmentation. This is one of the most used facial treatments. This is also known as permanent or semi-permanent makeup. This treatment involves the insertion of colored pigments into your skin. This is often used to reduce the appearance of scars or other marks on your skin. Not all people can undergo this treatment. Doctors will not recommend this treatment if you have active skin conditions like warts, AIDS, diabetes, hepatitis A, and blood diseases. Some people with skin allergies and soft tissue fillers may not be permitted to undergo this type of treatment. Should you be given a chance to use this treatment, you must have follow-up checkups to gain your desired appearance. 
  • Microneedling. Also known as collagen induction. This minimally invasive treatment reduces the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and large pores and improves skin texture. This treatment involves puncturing your face using tiny needles. Your body has a natural way of healing; while doing so, it will also generate new collagen, which is good for your skin. 
  • Hyaluronic acid. Aging will make our facial muscles thin and sunk. This process involves injecting hyaluronic acid to improve the structure and appearance of our facial lines. Hyaluronic acid maintains moisture by attracting water to keep our skin hydrated. However, people on blood-thinning medications should not be advised to use this treatment. 
  • Light therapy. This is a facial rejuvenating treatment that is widely used to reduce the impacts of aging and sun damage on your face. This is used primarily because it is a quick treatment time. This treatment can improve wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, large pores, freckles, and facial veins. 
  • Laser hair removal. This is used to treat excessive hair on your face. Some of the factors that determine the success of the treatment are skin type, hair thickness, color, and location of the treatment. 
  • Dermal fillers. This is usually used for cosmetic purposes. Plumping lips and cheeks, softening skin, and removing wrinkles are often the primary purpose of this treatment. Some doctors may use fats from other parts of the body as fillers. This is another procedure known as liposuction. This treatment is not permanent and can be dissolved in 6-18 months. 
  • Chemical Peel and laser skin resurfacing. Both these procedures can treat skin conditions such as wrinkles, acne scars, age spots, uneven skin tone, rough skin, and discoloration. A chemical peel involves the application of a chemical solution, while laser skin resurfacing uses light to treat skin problems. 


Benefits of having regular facial treatment. 


Facials and spas are essential to skin treatments. This involves deep cleaning that results in the removal of dead skin and pores. These treatments help nourish and rejuvenate our skin to improve our appearance. Facial and spa treatments are part of a skincare routine that ensures clean and healthy skin. Healthy skin keeps you away from illnesses such as skin cancers. 


The benefits of regular facial treatments have long been experienced by people who invested in these treatments. Reducing stress and relieving psychological distress is often the benefit of facial treatments. A simple massage can reduce anxiety and can be mood uplifting. Deep cleaning of the face is also beneficial because it removes dirt and dead skin that will cause more diseases if not treated properly. Skin rejuvenating will improve your skin texture and gives you more radiant skin. 


The slow aging process is what everyone wants. Facial treatments have skincare routines that make your skin look young and healthy. Our skin needs enough oxygen and nutrients, which can aid in improving blood circulation. Detoxifying our skin is beneficial because it removes waste that accumulates in our skin. Some facial treatments offer the removal of scars due to acne. Good products and treatments will help remove acne marks on your face. Whiteheads and blackheads are often the cause of our stress. This clog in skin pores often results in an oily face and dark pigmentation in your skin. Facial treatments open all pores. Pollutants clog the skin, which keeps your skin from breathing. Facial treatments open pores and remove dead skin. Skin exfoliation is usually done to remove dead skin cells, making the skin dry and rough. Tightened skin is an indication of youthfulness. Our skin starts to sag when we age. Facial treatment helps regenerate collagen tissues, which draws the skin. Lastly, facial treatments remove eye bags and dark circles under our eyes. Facial massages are highly recommended to remove eye bags and dark circles. 


We do have different skin types. Our experts in River District Aesthetics highly understand each skin type. This understanding able us to offer the best treatments for our customers. So, if you want healthy glowing skin, you can call or visit us at our clinic. We offer the best professional care for every skin type.