Most people who seek relaxation and body therapy tend to go to a spa salon or a massage clinic. This is one way to pamper themselves and spend a day healing and meditation. But are body spa and body massage similar? We will be discovering the answer to that question on this blog page. If you are looking for spa services near you, always trust the experts at River District Aesthetics

Body Spa vs. Body Massage

There are still some differences between body and body massage. Although they have the same purpose, which is to promote relaxation and body therapy, their focus, methods or applications, environment, and cost are still different. Let us further know these two concepts by considering various factors. 

What is a Body Spa? 

Body spa is a natural therapeutic method of providing people enriched minerals, healing, and relaxation through spa services such as therapeutic baths. Different spa services are designed for specific purposes since the enriched minerals for each spa treatment constitute a particular health benefit. 

Spa services include a head-to-toe treatment that heals every pain, tension, and stress in our body. Most people who frequently get spa treatments make the body’s immune system much stronger than before. Spa treatments are also considered a total beauty treatment since the services include hair, face, neck, hands, and legs. 

What is a Body Massage?

On the other hand, body massage puts pressure points on the body to eliminate muscle pain and promote relaxation. This process can be done before or after you take your therapeutic spa bath.

Massages are pretty long to finish compared to body spa. Although spa treatments can achieve maximum healing through the whole body part, massages are usually applied to a specific body part. 

Difference Between Body Spa and Body Massage

  • Goal – there are differences between body spa and body massage regarding the objectives. Body spa concentrates more on relaxation and luxury. In comparison, body massage focuses more on easing particular body pains and achieving maximum health benefits. 
  • Services – in terms of services or method applications, body spa includes various treatments compared to massages, such as body scrubs, bath therapy, mud mask, and other alternative spa treatments that promote relaxation. Meanwhile, massages focus more on treating or healing specific pain sources to restore the body’s optimum healthy state. Massage services include full body massage, head physiotherapist, massage table, and other massage rehabilitation methods. 
  • Setting or Environment – spa and massages also differ regarding the location or environment. When you walk into a spa salon, you can observe that the place has various spa furniture, calming music, and a soothing aroma. The ambiance inside the spa creates an inviting feeling that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. On the other hand, massage clinics are somewhat similar to a nursing setup. That is because massage therapies are done to target units of body problems only, 
  • Cost – the cost of the body spa and body massage services also differ since they have different goals and applications. Since spa treatments include luxury and relaxation, the rate may be slightly higher than massages. Moreover, spa treatments are not covered by medical insurance. Thus, the cost will come straight from your pocket. Body massages can be included in your medical insurance since massage therapies concern your health. 

Benefits of Body Spa and Body Massage

There are many good things and valid reasons why all should experience body spas and massages. You won’t have any regrets later on since these services and treatments are worth your money. 

But, to be more specific about the advantages of getting body spa and body massage services, check out the following terms, which you can take note of. 

  • Improves Body’sBody’s Immune System – if you are feeling a bit sick most of the time, you have a weak immune system. Spa and massage therapies help the body heal naturally by releasing toxins and relieving body tension and pressure. Most people who get regular spa and massage treatments live a more healthy life and experience fewer health problems. 
  • Reduces Stress and Tension – another great thing about spa and massage services is that it relieves muscle tensions, spasms, pressure, and stress. Most patients who suffer back and neck pain often seek massage therapies to alleviate the pain. 
  • Improves Body Circulation – if the muscles and tendons are loose, that only means the blood can circulate well throughout the whole body. When the body’s circulation is in a good state, there are fewer chances of experiencing fatigue and stress. 
  • Promote Relaxation and Meditation – getting a spa treatment after a tiring day will give you relaxation and meditation that you cannot obtain by sleeping alone. The spa services and therapeutic massages help the body release tensions and experience calmness and tranquility. 
  • Maximum Health Benefits – Massages help the body heal itself from a specific pain source. In contrast, spa treatments contribute to maintaining a healthy body system. Most people who experience this kind of natural medication are likely to achieve an optimum healthy state compared to those who don’t.

Other Spa Services That You Can Avail

You can also avail yourself of various spa services and treatments. These services are a good way of pampering yourself and treating yourself with a pampering spa session. If you still don’t know what to choose, it would be best to consult your esthetician first or visit spa services near you

To guide you in choosing the best spa services for your needs, here’s a list that you can refer to.  

  • Body Spa Treatments include beer bath hydrotherapy, body mud mask, and infrared sauna. These services are best for releasing body toxins and promoting whole body relaxation. 
  • Facial Treatments can include various spa services such as Anti-Aging facials, oxygen facials, and LED facial services. 
  • Hair Creme Bath is a beauty spa service that promotes hair enrichment. This is usually applied to customers with hair loss, dandruff, and dry hair problems. 
  • Foot Baths is one of the spa services you can get when you go to a spa salon. Your feet are usually soaked in a bath with flower petals and sprinkled herbs. This will detoxify any harmful toxins and bacteria in your foot.
  • Body Splashes is a spa treatment where a sensual and unique ingredient splashes you for about 10 minutes. 

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