There are lots of expensive skin products that provide quality treatments and worth-value results. But, some overpriced products don’t work at all. This is why consulting an Esthetician is an intelligent decision before you buy or avail any skin treatments and effects.

At River District Aesthetics, we understand that this is a common dilemma for almost everyone. So, to help you with your beauty goals, here are some expensive skin treatments you need to consider..


There are lots of skin treatments you can avail yourself of anywhere. With the help of modern technologies, skin care treatments have improved a lot since then. But the question is, which of these treatments are worth your money, time, and effort? Here are various skin treatments you won’t regret spending.

Botox Treatment

Botox treatments come in various price ranges depending on the extent and intensity of the skin treatment procedure. However, botox treatment is becoming popular among celebrities with its high success rate in making the skin look more refined and younger. Botox is commonly applied to address wrinkle problems and fine lines on our eye region and those around our forehead.

Is Botox treatment worth spending? Here are some reasons you can refer to the worth-value of botox treatment.

  • Botox treatment can range from about $300 per session. But it has long-term and short-term benefits.
  • It not only addresses wrinkle problems but also provides medical benefits in the long run.
  • Botox treatment is much more cost-effective than surgical treatments for skin problems since the treatment can last from four to six months.
  • If botox treatment is applied accordingly, you can expect longer intervals before the subsequent follow-up treatment. This means lower costs and effective treatments.
  • Surgical skin treatments cost hundreds and thousands of dollars, and you can experience severe pain, complications, plus difficulties during recovery time.

Chemical Peel Treatment

Another great way of correcting skin tones and eliminating dark spots, acne, wrinkles, and fine lines is the chemical peel skin treatments. This is a popular choice for those who have uneven skin tones. The price range for chemical peels may vary according to the pre-existing skin condition, such as the severity of the skin problems and the skin type.

Here are some reasons why chemical peel treatment is worth your money.

  • If you are experiencing terrible acne, severe uneven skin tone, numerous dark spots, and wrinkle problems, chemical peel treatment resolves all of this more satisfyingly.
  •  Chemical peel treatment can range up to $300 per session. If you estimate the costs of buying skin products for about a year, you might end up with a lot of dollars. These products do not guarantee long-term effect and success.
  • With chemical peel treatment, you can assure a cost-effective result. Talk to your Esthetician to know what chemical peel treatment will be proper for you. Estheticians can put some booster contents into your treatment to eliminate bad acne and dark spots.


Dermaplaning is an excellent choice for skin exfoliation and dead skin remover. It also creates a more delicate and brighter skin surface. Usually, this kind of skin treatment has a price range of about $60 to $150. So the question is, “Is it worth your money?”

Here are some of the main reasons dermaplaning is worth spending time with.

  • Dermaplaning is suitable for all skin types.
  • It is the perfect treatment for skin types with severe sunburns and dry, dull, and sensitive skin.
  • With dermaplaning, you can ensure non-skin inflammation. Slight redness may occur for 40 minutes, but after that, you can immediately apply cosmetics.
  • Compared to surgical treatments, dermaplaning is the best cost-effective solution you can make.


Skin facials are becoming popular nowadays due to their life-changing, relaxing, and cost-effective results. Generally, facial skin treatments provide cleansing and revitalization of your skin. Moreover, it eliminates dead skin cells, recurring acne, blackheads, whiteheads, and even clogged pores.

There are lots of benefits when it comes to facials. Our Esthetician has the best facial treatments you won’t regret paying for.

  • It improves not just your physical appearance but also your mental state as it provides relaxation and comfort.
  • Facials reduce stress and anxieties, making it worth spending, especially for those experiencing too much pressure.
  • With healthy skin, you can be more satisfied in your everyday life.
  • Facials are a great way of improving the body’s blood circulation.

 Skin Tightening

A lot of us want younger skin even in the latter days. Skin tightening treatments are very effective for those who seek skin texture improvement and skin lift results. Compared to anti-aging products, skin tightening are more evident and can ensure flawless skin surface even in your 20s to 30s.

Check out the numerous cost-effective benefits of skin tightening treatments that you can refer to.

  • Laser skin tightening includes various methods such as microneedling, ultrasound, resurfacing lasers, and many more. 
  • This only shows that there are guaranteed procedures to treat skin problems with skin tightening procedures.
  • You can expect younger, delicate, and glowing skin in your early adulthood days, which means lesser expenditures on skin products and surgical treatments.


Having a skilled Esthetician on your side will give you assurance, pleasure, and satisfaction. But, if you are still unclear about its advantages, here are some essential benefits of calling an Esthetician for your skin treatments.

Professional and Custom Skin Care Recommendations

Estheticians know what skin treatment is suitable for various skin types and conditions. They can also provide skin care recommendations that you cannot get on mere skin products. With an expert skin care partner, you can ensure progress and improvements in your skin condition the soonest.

High-Quality Skin Treatments

A professional esthetician will give you the best and top-of-the-class skin treatments such as exfoliators, dermaplaning, facials, and many more.

Guaranteed Results

Achieving your skin goals is the best thing you can have when you work with professional estheticians. With their skills in skin treatment, you can expect more satisfying results after a couple of weeks of skin treatments.

Cost-Effective Options

Getting a professional is a wise choice to prevent unwanted expenditures on skin treatments, especially for those who are not knowledgeable of the correct process. An Esthetician can give you a concrete treatment plan to maximize the process and prevent unessential sessions. In addition, you can trust them in the treatment process since they know what skin care procedures will be suitable and effective for you.

There are lots of good things about skin treatments. They might be pretty expensive for some, but the quality and assurance make the process worth the money, especially if you have the best Esthetician on your side.

So what are you waiting for? Get your skin treatment at River District Aesthetics, the best skin clinic in town! Here, we have various skin services, treatments, and post-treatment management that will help you eliminate skin problems. Check out our website for more related information. Call our customer service hotline to schedule an appointment. Always remember that River District Aesthetics will be your skin care buddy in achieving your skin goals.