Compared to women, men are not taught the value of everyday skin care practices at a young age. This does not imply that caring for our skin is any less important. We all want to make our skincare routine straightforward, but we’re going to be honest with you because just sprinkling water on your face won’t do. If your appearance is important to you, stick for a while! Here at River District Aesthetics, we can help you begin your journey to a better and healthy looking you!


Starter Routine for Men Facial Skin Care

There are six steps in our ideal skincare routine for men. This could sound a little overwhelming, but each step is straightforward and simple to carry out. This routine will only take you three to five minutes to complete in total. Have you prepared? Let’s get moving!


1.    Wash the dirt and oil away with a cleanser

It’s simple to use a cleanser to wash your face. Start by giving your face a few lukewarm water splashes. Squeeze out a nickel-sized amount into your hand next.

Then, for about 10 seconds, wipe your cheeks, nose, and forehead with the cleaner in a circular motion. After that, rinse with lukewarm water to remove the cleanser.

Aim for twice-daily face washing—once in the morning and once at night. As soon as they enter the bathroom in the morning, men should wash their faces. They should also wash their faces before bed.

2.    Exfoliate your skin

The act of exfoliating involves removing dead skin cells from the skin. You’ll need to spend money on a facial scrub in order to exfoliate effectively. The majority of men will only require using a face scrub once or twice per week. You might need to intensify the regimen and utilize the scrub three times a week if your skin is especially oily.

After cleaning your skin using the mentioned methods, you should exfoliate it.

Apply the facial scrub to your skin after that by giving it a light massage. Make sure the product can get past your facial hair and genuinely benefit the skin. You can then use lukewarm water to rinse the scrub off.

3.    Use a Toner to restore the pH balance

Toners are important because they restore pH balance and remove pollutants left over following cleaning and exfoliation. We advise applying a bamboo or vitamin C-containing toner if you wish to moisturize your skin. Look for a toner that is high in lactic or salicylic acid if you frequently get acne or ingrown hairs. Look for chemicals like glycolic acid or BHA for dark spots.

To begin, spray some toner onto a cotton pad. After that, rub every region where you used a cleanser or exfoliant. Make sure to purchase a toner in gel form if you don’t have a cotton pad. All that’s left to do is squeeze a tiny bit into both of your palms and rub your skin.

4.     Replenish nutrients by using serum

Typically, serums are packaged in a little vial with a special pipette. Squeeze out two to three droplets onto your fingertips to get started. Next, quickly rub the drops in a circular motion over your cheeks, nose, and forehead.

Use only your eyes if you have an eye serum otherwise follow the same procedure. Apply the remaining product to your neck and jawline after about 10 seconds. Two times every day, a face serum should be used. To assist replace nutrients that are lost throughout the day, you should apply it to your face in the morning and at night.

5.    Moisturize your skin to hydrate it

Every time you wash your face, or twice a day, you should moisturize afterward.  Following this procedure consistently helps shield your skin from damage caused by the environment. The moisturizer should be applied while your skin is still damp. The cream keeps the skin moisturized by retaining moisture in this way.

6.    Use a sunscreen with an SPF to stop skin aging

Although facial cleansers and moisturizers are excellent for maintaining your skin in good condition, you need also consider all the other ways you can unintentionally harm it.


Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going outside or being in the sun. In order to preserve the skin, this provides the chemical plenty of time to absorb into it. Many people only consider using sunscreen during the hot summer months. Even if it may feel cold outside, the sun is still present and can cause harm in just 15 minutes.


It can take a few extra minutes out of your day to follow a skincare routine, but these excellent advantages will make it all worthwhile:

Quick Results

In contrast to reducing weight or gaining muscle, a good skin care regimen yields effects quickly. Even applying a night lotion specifically designed for men to your face before bed will help minimize the visibility of fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and redness on your face overnight.

Reduces Aging

Our skin becomes less resilient and elastic as we age. It’s crucial to stick to a skincare routine if you want to keep your skin looking firm and smooth for as long as possible. Basic cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing is included here.

Easily Maintained

Keeping the skin in good condition requires effort. However, maintaining healthy skin is far simpler than dealing with skin issues as they emerge. Additionally, neglecting this crucial step in your skin care regimen will increase your likelihood of doing so again later. You must commit to a straightforward program if you want to develop effective skincare habits and maintain skin-looking youthfulness.

Increases Confidence

Other aspects of your life may benefit when you feel good about your skin and overall look. The advantages of having nicer skin extend far beyond the surface, from increased social confidence to having the bravery to speak up at work.

A Healthy Skin Routine Is Vital

It’s simple to overlook the crucial function that skin plays. The largest and heaviest organ in the human body is the skin. It shields us from the elements, bacteria, toxins, and other dangerous things. Taking care of our skin, it will protect us for a long time in exchange for our efforts.



You may be wondering why there is still a need for advice from an esthetician when you can simply follow the tips and steps given above. Here’s why it is necessary:

  • You can feel touch and sense hot and cold temperatures thanks to your skin. It makes sense to seek the counsel of a qualified esthetician to learn how to properly take care of your skin and keep it looking vibrant throughout all life stages given the significant function this organ plays in your life.
  • To acquire a clear image of your skin’s state and your specific skin care needs, it is crucial to get your skin evaluated by a licensed esthetician.
  • A specialist can identify the kind of skincare routine that will work best for you and suggest particular items that will help you maintain youthful skin over time.
  • They can demonstrate how to use a certain product appropriately and explain when and how to utilize it. The esthetician will create a customized skincare routine for you when you schedule an appointment.

Each of us is a busy man attempting to maintain some sort of a social life while juggling job and family obligations. Spending excessive amounts of time on our skincare routine is the last thing we want to do.

Worry no more because we have the best solutions and tips here at River District Aesthetics. Call us today at (803) 770-4500. We strive to make your life better and healthier. Because a healthy-looking skin is a Healthy and Better you!